An honest and realistic approach to keeping alpacas

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We are Carolyn and Mike Birch.

Our alpaca farm is in Nottinghamshire.

We have owned alpacas since 2002, and our herd currently stands at 66. We have both breeding females and pet males available for sale in a choice of colours. We have invested in our own quality stud males and we operate a closed herd.

We purchased our first alpacas in 2002. Since then we have bred to improve the quality of our stock, adding our own stud males over the last few years.

We have been closely involved with the British Alpaca Society and it’s development. Mike has served as Chairman of the BAS. We have organised the the BAS National show on two occasions. We are currently taking a back seat to allow others to get involved!

We have worked with Nottingham Vet School to introduce 100 students each year to alpacas.  

Welcome to Brooklea Alpacas!

Find out more.

We are always more than happy to show you around our farm and let you meet our alpacas and answer your questions - just give us a call to arrange a suitable time.

We are able to run introductory courses at times to suit you.

We are happy to pass on what we have learned about these wonderful animals. We will give you a realistic view of what to expect, the work and costs involved. Of course we’ll show you how much joy alpacas bring to your life too!

Visit our Farm

Call to arrange a convenient time to visit the farm and meet our alpacas. We can also show you examples of alpaca wool, both raw and processed into yarn and products - if you like you can also have a go at hand spinning too!

Brooklea Bertie

Buying Alpacas

We have both breeding stock and pet quality alpacas for sale in various colours. We offer full backup and support.

Mike works with the camelid TB support group, and can be contacted for help and advice on bTB in alpacas.

Pets, breeding, hobby or business?

Your reasons for buying alpacas, and how far you want to start up the quality ladder will dictate the price you should pay. It really is worth finding out as much as you can before you commit.

Alpacas can be very expensive , and there is an awful lot of hype - quality alpacas are expensive, but expensive alpacas are not always quality!

We are members of the British Alpaca Society (BAS), and recommend buying from members of the BAS if you want registered stock.  However, you should note that the BAS does not offer any handling or welfare training to its members, nor does it inspect premises, or police the standards of its members, so BAS membership is no guarantee of the health or quality of stock.